Boat Servicing in San Mateo, CA

American Star Marine in San Mateo, CA, is the area’s friendliest and among the most experienced providers of boat repair and servicing. We provide complete repair and boat service for just about any type of watercraft. We can repair or service:

  • Personal Watercraft
  • Outboard Motors
  • Inboard Motor
  • Stern Drive Engines

We can even service your dingy and other small craft. There is no boat servicing job that is too big or too small for our well-trained and highly experienced boat mechanics.

Our facilities have the best diagnostic equipment, specialty tools, and other equipment that enable us to diagnose, service, and repair any issues that you might experience with your vessel. We can perform annual or seasonal maintenance, prepare your boat for storage, or get it ready for the water.

We Provide Common and Uncommon Boat Repair Services

Our boat repair specialists can perform common repairs to your boat’s engine, hull, or control systems. We can also repair the interior to ensure it perfectly suits your needs while giving you the best comfort while boating.

We can also fabricate parts and weld damaged ones to mend and restore them to like-new condition. Our boat servicing includes welding, machining, and fabricating parts to fix or upgrade your boat or other watercraft.

Boat Servicing

Marine Parts

We also have a full line of marine parts and accessories to maintain and repair just about any kind of vessel. Need a hard-to-find part? Our suppliers and parts-locating service help us to get one right away.

We can even maintain and repair boat trailers. We can maintain, repair, or replace the wheels, fix or install the lighting system, and help to ensure the trailer is up to the task for your boating needs.

Modifications and Upgrades Create a Better Boating Experience

You might want to improve your boat with a better motor, a new steering system, or other accessories that make it an ideal platform for your aquatic activities. Maybe you want a better interior and upholstery to make the boating experience more comfortable. Maybe you need new equipment for your favorite fishing boat.

Whatever service you require, we can do. You can call the friendly professionals at American Star Marine in San Mateo to learn more about our many great services. You can bring your boat to us or schedule a pickup. We will retrieve your boat, whether it is on land or in the water.

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